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A non-profit organization spreading smiles with cheerful drawings.

Nursing Home Residents     Senior Citizens     Individuals Living Alone
Administrators / Activities Directors of Nursing Homes,
Assisted Living Centers, Etc.

ColorA Smile is a non-profit organization that spreads smiles with cheerful drawings. Every month we mail thousands of colorful 'masterpieces' to people throughout the U.S. Most people hang the drawings on their refrigerator doors or bulletin boards. There is never a charge to receive our drawings. We do not rent or sell our mailing list.

Important Note:

Our 'young artists' DO NOT need to fill out any forms to participate.
DO NOT fill out this form if you plan to color drawings and send them to us.
Please go to the 'YOUNG ARTISTS' page for more information on coloring drawings.

If you want to ask us a question - please go to the 'CONTACT US' page.

If you know of an individual who would benefit from receiving a cheerful drawing every month, please give us their name below. In addition to sending drawings to individuals, Color A Smile also mails monthly packages of drawings to administrators of nursing homes for display in common areas. Please contact us if you want more then one drawing each month to share in your facility.

Recipient Name:
Organization Name:
*If applicable*
City: State: Zip:

Drawings are sent via U.S. Mail and we can only mail to U.S. addresses. If you live outside the U.S. you can print our Montly Masterpiece on your color printer.
Now we are spreading smiles worldwide!

Please Note:
Color A Smile does not charge anyone to receive our drawings. We do not perform any fundraising. We do not rent, sell or exchange our mailing list with anyone. We exist on voluntary donations only. If you choose to support Color A Smile , we sincerely thank you. No one should feel any obligation to donate. It is our pleasure to provide these smiles.

  P O Box 1516,  Morristown, NJ 07962-1516

A non-profit organization spreading smiles with cheerful drawings.

Phone 973-540-9222